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Real-Time Location System

KingData Real-Time Location System can be used in a variety of indoor application, combining different positioning technologies (Dual RFID, HAIP and UWB) to provide stable and accurate tracking and location service even in complicated metal environments. The system may work with CCTV to realize automatic tracking and historical path replay.

Dual RFID Zone Locating System

With the help of dual RFID technology, DRZL system can locate item stably in complicated environment, like in rack room full of computers and servers.

HAIP (High Accuracy Indoor Positioning)

Built on top of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology by adding direction finding capability. Provides up to 30cm position accuracy.


Complicated Metal Environment Available

High Accurate Locating Range Up to 30cm

Compatible Most of Current Access Control System


Personnel Tracking and Safety Management in IDC (Internet Data Center)

IDC is an extremely complicated application environment for RTLS. Due to the interference from medal devices (1/3 spaces of IDC are taken by medal devices) and electromagnetic interference, a lot of location mode whose algorithm based on the signal arrival time or emission angle lose efficacy in IDC. KINGDATA RTLS adopted DUAL RFID technology, the positioning antenna are installed on the ceilings, the signals would seamlessly cover the whole IDC area, will allows the real time tracking the route and locations of inspectors and visitors and record & reply their route. The system will send out alert through sound & light hint, SMS or emails when the location target enters a restricted area without authorization.

Safety Control around Product Line

KINGDATA DUAL RFID Technology can be applied in product lines for safe control. By installing the positioning antenna in the form of security fence, the product line formed a security control area.  Visitors or non-workers are required to wear location cards or location brace bands when they enter the product line, once visitors enter within 1 meter of the product line or stay too long in certain area, the system will send out an alarm. System would also supervise the workers on the product line and give safety alarm when needed. By installing devices in forklift trucks, the system may also provide safety & control solution to people and forklift under this environment.

Builder Monitoring and Tracking in Tunnel

When a subway tunnel is under construction, the onsite workers are required to wear safety helmet and the real time locations of the onsite workers need to be shown in monitor screen for safety control. Users may track historical data through visualized interface, to achieve the improvement of safety management. Install position base station and position antenna in the key areas in the construction zone. Location RFID tags are installed inside the safety helmets. Once the onsite workers are in the construction areas under the cover of position antenna, the RFID tags in the helmets would transmit signals to position base station, in this way, the real time tracking of the onsite workers is achieved.

Patients and Elders Tracking in Hospital

There are 8000 square meters in one nursing home, the height of the ceiling is 3 meters to the ground. The nursing home requires the real time location tracking and access control of all the hospitalized elders. Remote data collection (heart rate and blood pressure), medical devices tracking and other functions are also required. Based on the fact that the rooms of this nursing home are very condensed, the small size of each room, and the high requirement of condensed devices installation. HAIP high accurate location is recommended for this nursing home to realize real time location tracking of elders.